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International Women's Day 8th March

*Little more and Beyond....*

~Women are a little more than their age, living beyond the years...
Women are a little more than their height, scaling way beyond the given ladders....

Women are a little more than their weight, accommodating so much beyond the pounds...
Women are a little more than their skin color, beyond the shades that they need to match....
Women are _a little more than their beauty, beyond the vision that defines them...

Women are a little more _than their work titles ,
performing beyond the_ assumptions....
Women are much more than the judgements they ride through their life and beyond all the parameters set for them!

Claps and Cheers for every women of any size, _shape, color as she is much more and beyond even the mirror that _reflects her!!!!!
- Sheetal

Mama Mia

What’s in the name, were all in the game
Spinning around a lil zombie is your very own mombie!!!!!!!

Fire on the mountain run run run, catch the school bus with an untidy bun!!!!!
Rushing to work with a peck on ur cheek, apple in the mouth momma can’t speak.
Guilty at heart waving away, planning to make up by a gift to play.

Mumma googling recipes away, how to give you a healthy yummy tiffin everyday.
24 by 7 she’s on duty, thankless is her job but that’s Momma’s beauty.
Hurry and worry are her aides, cold may be the world but warm is her embrace.

Walking, jogging, dieting and all, Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the flattest tummy of all Crazy is her schedule, complete knockout, fitting in facebook, watsapp n a selfie pout.

Mom is the world, heaven is her solace. Your joy and sorrow both yearn her grace.
Her day is you and so is her night, she can guard you with all her might.

But when you blunder, see her fury, fire in her eyes, not sparing the rod, a lesson you learn well, Oh My God!!

Mom celebrates all your trophy’s, teaches you to deal with failure like a buddy!

There’s no one like a mother, pure at heart. She’s the best creation of Gods Art.
Unconditional is her love, Sacrifice in her nature. She’s the elixir of life, a relation of the highest stature.

Echoes of claps and chants of cheers !!!!
Raise a toast to your very own mummy dear.

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