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"Better Me"

  it all begins with you........ Psychological Counseling Services

"Better Me" venture of Claps and Cheers envisions a fulfilling journey of a healthy mind and a happy life.
It helps you flow through the ups and downs in life with the required gears. Better Me equips you to manage your challenges well and emerge victorious.

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Better Me all begins with you !

Heady - Our Brand Mascot

Is our big head and a big hearted mascot who is an omnipresent symbol of celebration. The day Claps & cheers was born, Heady shares his birthday. His only aspiration is to fulfill as many wishes and bring as many smiles as possible. He is our in house supplier of unlimited joy.
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  • See the world through my lens

  • If we all could see the world with eyes of a child, we could see magic in everything! Always keep that little place where the magic grows inside you, Alive. Children are one of the greatest lessons in happiness, they create reasons to celebrate and find their joys in the simplest of things!

    These little things occupy the largest part of your heart and become precious moments to treasure always…

    A child’s imagination is sans any limits and their little hands with a brush can paint the world to be the most colorful, innocent, vice less, peaceful and importantly a happy place to live in.

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"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"!